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Melbourne’s grasslands: a presentation by GPN

GPN Facilitator Adrian Marshall recently gave a talk to Friends of Steele Creek. Tickets went fast and the discussion following his presentation was brisk. The talk ranged across the Western Grassland Reserves, the urban growth corridors as well as grasslands in the...

Save Solomon Heights

From high on the escarpment down to the Maribyrnong River, Solomon Heights Grassland (Baldwin Avenue Grassland) in Sunshine North is packed with biodiversity but remains unprotected and under threat from development. It's big, with over 30 ha of native vegetation, and...

Ajax Road Grassland veg removal voted down

Ajax Road Grassland veg removal voted down

GPN and residents helped secure some ongoing protection of Ajax Road Grassland at Hobsons Bay Tuesday 22 June with councillors rejecting a subdivision on grounds it asked for needless removal of 35 hectares of native vegetation. Councillors Matt Tyler, Peter Hemphill and Pamela Sutton-Legaud stood up for the environment, local values and sustainable development when they unanimously voted down the planning application.

Solomon Heights in the news

The Star has run a good article focussing on the potential impacts of the Airport Rail Link here:

Airport rail link an additional threat to Solomon Heights

The proposed airport rail link will bridge the Maribyrnong River and run adjacent to Solomon Heights Grassland. The grassland is a biodiversity hotspot home to critically endangered Spiny Rice-flower, Golden Sun Moth, Striped Legless Lizard and Growling Grass Frog....