The Grassy Plains Network


We are land management professionals, academics, ecologists and community concerned about the ongoing decline of grassy ecosystems across Melbourne and its surrounds. We advocate for improved grassland protection and management.


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We advocate for grasslands

GPN grew from the public conference Respect, Protect and Re-connect Melbourne’s Grassy Plains held in Melbourne in 2018.

The conference brought together key community groups and grassland campaigners from across the breadth of stakeholders to establish a base from which strong, positive action could arise.

We include land management professionals, bush crew, planners, ecologists, researchers, academics and community concerned about the decline of critically endangered grasslands in and around Melbourne.

We aim to influence government and related agencies at all levels, as well as private land holders, to better protect critically endangered grasslands.

We work with conservation organisations, Traditional Owners, and other stakeholders to find the best way forward. We engage with the diverse communities of Melbourne’s north and west to help people learn about and love and protect these unique ecosystems.

Some of the things we are doing

  • Campaigning to save Solomon Heights Grassland in Sunshine North
  • Working to protect Hobsons Bay’s Grasslands by getting Environmental Significance Overlays in place
  • Keeping Airport Rail Link on track to minimise construction impacts to native grasslands
  • Making submissions to government inquiries like the Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline
  • working with the Victorian Planning Authority to ensure the precinct planning for new growth areas respects the environment
  • Opposing inappropriate removal of native vegetation for industrial subdivision
  • Holding community days for families and residents to learn about their local grasslands
  • Lobbying government agencies to improve the management of the priceless assets in their care
  • Pushing for the promises made about the Western Grasslands Reserves to be honoured.

Why grasslands?

The grasslands around Melbourne are some of the best remaining examples of one of Australia’s most endangered ecosystems.

Less than 2% remain of the almost endless sea of grass that swept from the Yarra all the way to South Australia, flower-rich meadows bursting with life that is now, sadly, on the brink of extinction. And the destruction hasn’t stopped, with urbanisation a major threat to the little that remains.

We welcome new members and supporters! Please get in touch if you want to join in our work.

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