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GPN grew from the public conference Respect, Protect and Re-connect Melbourne’s Grassy Plains held in Melbourne in 2018. Since then, we have met regularly to plan events and actions to better protect and promote Melbourne’s critically endangered grasslands.

We use the broad knowledge held by the experts in our network to advocate for better grassland management on public and private land, and for improved policy at all levels of government and related agencies. We work with conservation organisations, Traditional Custodians, and other stakeholders to engage with the diverse communities of Melbourne’s north and west to help people learn about and love and protect grasslands.

We are an independent, philanthropically funded organisation hosted by the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA). We operate as a sub-committee of their Conservation Committee.

Join our mailing list to receive news and invites to our regular meetings. We hold our general meetings monthly. We also have sub-groups focussed on the Western Grassland Reserves, urban grasslands, and community actions, and these all meet as needed.

Respect, Protect and Re-connect Melbourne’s Grassy Plains

Read the Grassy Plains Declaration here.