11 Threatened Urban Grasslands

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High-quality, mid-ring Melbourne Grasslands under threat

Melbourne’s middle-ring suburbs are home to some of the best grasslands in the city.

The Grassy Plains Network has identified 11 special grasslands that, because of the complexities of their ownership, or for historical reasons, need state involvement to ensure their protection.

These eleven grassland patches all occur within the 2009 Urban Growth Boundary and are outside the Melbourne Strategic Assessment area. They are often associated with other natural assets such as creeks and wetlands, and they are essential elements for ecological connectivity in the urban landscape, especially in the context of the mounting effects of rapid climate change. These grasslands provide rich near to nature experiences for residents and workers; are green infrastructure contributing important ecosystem services across the city, including improved health and well-being; and are an integral part of the identity of Melbourne’s west and north.

These grasslands are all under threat, and in most cases their biodiversity values are declining because of inaction or poor management.

Urgent action is required. 

We have met with DELWP, and DELWP has agreed to fund a consultant to help identify pathways to protecting these precious remnants. 

But we’ve been waiting six-months for action.


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