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Win for Ajax Road Grassland

Breaking news: We won our case at VCAT. Read more here.

Nationally significant grassland under threat from developer

Piece by piece, cut by cut, property developers are winning – turning the last unprotected grasslands in Hobsons Bay into industrial subdivisions. And it’s time the developers lost.

Ajax Road Grassland is a rare, large urban grassland. It’s special, home to the rare Arching Flax-lily and Spiny Rice-flower, and thick with Kangaroo Grass. It’s part of a biolink that runs from coastal RAMSAR-listed wetlands, inland along Laverton Creek to a chain of precious remnant grasslands running out to the city’s edge.

It is everything urban resilience should be, and it must be saved.

That’s why we urgently want to remind you what’s happening at Ajax Road Grassland.

With less than 2% left of the vast grasslands that once stretched from the Yarra River to the South Australian border, surviving patches like Ajax Road must be protected. Not cleared and lost to us forever.

But that’s exactly what the private developer wants to do – erase and subdivide over 15 hectares of critically endangered grassland.

The Grassy Plains Network worked tirelessly to make sure Hobsons Bay City Council rejected the developer’s inappropriate planning permit.

But the developer and their lawyers won’t take no for an answer. They’ve appealed the decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

We fought the developer over the five-day VCAT hearing.

Now we are waiting for the decision.

If the developer succeeds, this will likely set a precedent for the destruction of other grasslands.

Every quality grassland that has managed to survive matters. Ajax Road Grassland must be one of them.


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