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A new, interactive map with detailed information on individual grasslands will be coming soon – a fabulous resource for all grassland lovers, teachers and students!

Modelled extent of Pre-European and contemporary grasslands of the Victorian Volcanic Plain. Enlarge Image.

In conjunction with the VNPA, GPN is conducting an audit of the grasslands of Melbourne, with the aim of recording their extent and quality and making that information publicly available through an interactive map. This is an ongoing project we’ve just commenced, and the maps in our map library will be regularly updated.

Incredibly, no thorough map of Melbourne’s grasslands exists. This gap shows just how under-resourced Melbourne’s grasslands are, and reflects a complex situation where grasslands are managed by a multitude of organisations, including 15 local councils, a couple of rail authorities, VicRoads, various utility companies, other government departments such as DELWP and Parks Victoria, federal authorities, as well as many private landholders.