Kororoit Creek at Esmond Street

A remnant boulder field along the Kororoit Creek escarpment, with a tiny, restored grassland enclosure at the southern end.

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Notes: The very unremarkable mowed parkland shouldn't dissuade you, the rocky escarpment next to the creek remains a beautiful spot, albeit a difficult traverse if you aren't accustomed to boulder hopping. Various revegetation works are obvious in the planted shrubs and trees (which are mostly not out of place in a rocky riparian escarpment like this). Among them are clumps of the Small-flower Flax-Lily (Dianella brevicaulis), scattered Austral Stork's-Bill (Pelargonium australe), and near the playground at the north, a prolific patch of Yellow Rush-Lily (Tricoryne elatior). A small rabbit-proof fence at the top of the escarpment's southern end, overlooking a bend in the creek, contains a tiny patch of restored grassland.
Key features: ?''''' Yellow Rush-Lily (Tricoryne elatior) ?''''' Well established lichens and mosses on the escarpment boulders ?''''' See if you can find rock fern (Cheilanthes species) which is said to have been here in the past
Status: Extant
Address: 24 Esmond St, Ardeer VIC 3022, Australia
Area (ha): 1.528295986
Lattidude (decimal): -37.77676952
Longitude (decimal): 144.7958215
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