Latest Past Events

Spring Fling

Iramoo Grassland Centre Building 1J, Kirner Road North South, St Albans

Let’s get together for some face-to-face time! Meet your fellow GPNers in the real world. No blurry backgrounds! It’s Spring Fling time coming up… Put.It.In.Your.Calendar. 12:00–3:00 pm, Sunday 8 October, Iramoo Grassland Centre, Victoria University St Albans Campus.  Book here please.To get there search "Iramoo nursery 1J, Building 1J, Saint Albans VIC", or go here. Food and drink provided. Check […]

Early spring grasslands tour: St Albans Rail Reserve and Denton Avenue Grassland

Early spring grasslands tour meeting point 63 Denton Avenue, Saint Albans

We thought we’d start the Grassy Plains Network tours early this year to catch the long flowering reason. Join Deb Reynolds as she leads us through St Albans Railway Reserve and Denton Ave Grassland from 1-3pm on Sunday 10 September. St Albans is a small reserve right next to the train line, famous for harbouring […]

Golden Sun Moth Grassy Talk and GPN meeting

This month’s Grassy Talk from the Grassy Plains Network is by Graham Jury and is all about Victoria’s Golden Sun Moth: The challenges and complexities of managing a cryptic invertebrate. Graham is an Ecologist with TREC Land Services. Last year he completed a knowledge synthesis on the Golden Sun Moth for Trust for Nature, incorporating […]