Ravenhall North Grassland, Conservation Area 5

Yet to be publicly acquired. High-quality grassland supporting one of Victoria’s largest known populations of Large-fruit Groundsel, as well as Spiny Rice-flower and Striped Legless Lizard, Arching Flax-lily and Austral Trefoil.

O’Herns Road, Conservation Area 33

Yet to be publicly acquired. Intended to protect Grassy Eucalypt Woodland, grassland, Matted Flax-lily and Golden Sun Moth and other rare species. Some good understorey, but significant weed load too.

Kororoit Creek North Herb-rich Grasslands, Conservation Area 2

Yet to be publicly acquired. High-quality, herb-rich grassland. Negotiations early in Precinct Structure Planning process allowed better conservation outcomes to be set-up, including improved planting and tree placement in adjacent areas, and an attempt at connection...

Greigs Road Grassland, Conservation Area 4

Yet to be publicly acquired. Was high-quality, herb-rich grassland with large population of Spiny Rice-flower and Golden Sun Moth. Quality of management by private owner unknown.