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Incredibly, no decent, ground-truthed map of our grasslands exists. This is another example of just how ignored and under-resourced our critically endangered grasslands are.

This map and accompanying database are very much a work in progress. They are put out into the wild to grow with your help. We’d love any feedback. Please send us corrections, content, links, pics and thoughts on useability.

Use the Slide Out Menu icon ( ) at top left of map title bar to adjust layers. Map currently can’t be searched. For a searchable version, see here.

Many thanks to Ben Courtice, Dave Kendal, Dee Smith and Dylan Wishart for their work on this. And to Friends of Grasslands, who generously funded some of the work.


Please use the form below.

If you want to submit details about a few grasslands, you can use this word doc.

If you want to provide feedback on numerous grasslands, email us and we’ll send an excel doc.

Email photos, naming the pics with their captions and photo credit.

Polygons as geopackages please, for those who know what that means.

Victorian Grasslands Map Feedback Form

Do you have any feedback to offer us about our map? Drop us a line.

Please let us know what's on your mind.