The Lakes Grassland

A small grassland with easy pathway access on Taylors Creek trail, hosting a diversity of species, especially native daisies, and including a fenced Grassy Woodland patch.

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Notes: This grassland is deceptively diverse for its size. At first glance, the planted Swamp Mallets (Eucalyptus spathulata) from West Australia stand out, with their glistening bronze coloured bark. As they compete strongly for light and water, a 'halo' effect can be seen around them where the grassland thins out to sparse Spear grasses (Austrostipa species) and Wallaby grasses (Rytidosperma species). New Holland Daisies (Vittadinia species) and various small saltbushes are often found here as well. At the other extreme of moisture, damp-loving Tufted Burr-daisy (Calotis scapigera) can be found in patches growing in small depressions known as gilgais, outside the halo of the Swamp Mallets. Other moisture loving species present include Milky Beauty-Heads (Calocephalus lacteus). Other prominent daisies include the brilliant Basalt Podolepis (Podolepis linearifolia), Lemon Beauty-Heads (Calocephalus citreus), Common Everlasting (Chrysocephalum apiculatum). Another yellow flower is the Spur Goodenia (Goodenia paradoxa), and patches of hardy (but hard to re-establish) Wattle Mat-rush show that the soil has not suffered serious disturbance. Blue can be seen in the common native Bluebells (Wahlenbergia capillaris) and Blue Devil (Eryngium ovinum). Pink has Blushing Bindweed (Convolvulus angustissimus). White is represented by carpets of tiny Common Woodruff (Asperula conferta) and two elusive remnant Spiny Rice-flower (Pimelea spinescens). The mowed parkland around the formally managed grassland also contains more patches of native species, including Kangaroo Grass, Common Woodruff, Spear grasses, and Tufted Burr-daisy - which can sometimes be found despite the mowing.
Key features: See if you can find the two remnant Spiny Rice-flowers!
Status: Extant
Address: 535 Sunshine Ave, Taylors Lakes VIC 3038, Australia
Area (ha): 1.42706337
Lattidude (decimal): -37.70481128
Longitude (decimal): 144.8002666
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