Derrimut Grassland Nature Conservation Reserve

One of the early grasslands to get official protection in Victoria. Derrimut has a natural drainage line that periodically fills a large depression at the southern end.

Main photo: Andersons Swamp is linked by Cherry Creek to several other grasslands all the way to the Bay
2: Dense expanse of Kangaroo Grass
3: In places heavily fenced
4: Maintenance track with city views

Other names: Anderson's Swamp Grassland/Lake Stanley
Manager: Parks Victoria
Notes: In 1987, was one of two sites reserved as native grassland. MacDougall noted: 'Part of the Urban Forestry program of the Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands. Although trees are only to be planted in parts of the reserve dominated by weeds, disturbance of grassland during planting must be avoided' The site should be burnt about every five years in spring to promote species diversity. This may prove incompatible with the tree planting program.'
Key features:
Type: Nature Conservation Reserve
Status: Extant
Address: Derrimut VIC
Area (ha): 164.1870482
Lattidude (decimal): -37.80737973
Longitude (decimal): 144.7947519
Contributors: BC
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